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  • Xorix is the first and only Malaysian company that dedicated manufacturer of specialty pharmaceutical called galenical in Ready-To-Dispense (“RTD”) packing. Xorix has the capacity and capability to successfully execute this PPP;
  • Xorix is involved in the high technology sector of pharmaceutical, which is part on the NKEA Healthcare scope;
  • Xorix factory was designed, developed and commissioned using in-house expertise, home-grown technology. Thus, we have the technology without relying on a third party;
  • Pharmaceutical industry is high technology and knowledge driven industry that is capital intensive with long gestation period, thus barrier of entry is high;
  • For the past 20 years, there was no new pharmaceutical manufacturing start-ups in Malaysia;
  • All existing pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Malaysia are of legacy business (i.e. not a start-ups);
  • Xorix is the only start-ups pharmaceutical manufacturing company that has successfully commissioned its specialty galenical in RTD packing;
  • Xorix has invested RM24 million since 2006 to commission its one of a kind, state-of-the-art specialty galenical facility.
  • Xorix has managed to obtain 3 Stars SCORE rating from SME Corp, demonstrating that the Company is well managed.

o    Halim Mohamad has been involved in the pharmaceutical sector since 1990. Prior to Xorix, he was with Pfizer Inc for more than 15 years.

o    Syed Redzuan Syed Salim is a registered pharmacist with extensive experiences in pharmaceutical manufacturing and production

o    Rinol - He is a Certified Public Accountant and started off with KPMG. In 1994 he joined Landmarks Berhad as its Finance Manager. He evaluated various proposals such as the Perlis Independent Power Producer and was entrusted in controlling the

o    Azmy A. Hamid is the B2B sales and marketing specialist with multiple exposures in the domestic and international markets, worked at Asia Pacific level with ICI & Unilever, as Business Development Manager for Pfizer Malaysia.