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  • Xorix is a new start-ups pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Malaysia for the last 25 years. The Company has managed to overcome various risks to successfully commission a specialty pharmaceutical facility
  • and in the context of local operating environment, this feat is a remarkable achievement by itself.
  • The Company is the first Company in Malaysia that use its own internal expertise to develop, design and commission a specialised pharmaceutical factory, producing galenical pharmaceutical products in Ready-To-Dispense (“RTD”) packing.
  • The technology system for the up to date, one of its kind factory is fully and wholly owned by the Company.
  • In tandem with the Company’s vision of becoming the number 1 galenical pharmaceutical company, the facility epitomise of the efficiency achieved through some ingenious designs.
  • The Company manufacturing and research facility offers the network of latest technology and innovatively engineered manufacturing lines that manages, integrates and provides precision control over all aspects of production.
  • With the focused efforts and years of experience, the Company’s products are becoming the preferred choice among medical professionals and ultimately the patients.
  • These are the results of Company’s adherence to strict manufacturing practices to ensure the products quality and efficacy are of the highest standards before its leave the Company’s warehouse.
  • Our in-house product and packaging design capabilities afforded our products to be a more patientfriendly products with its dual languages of both English and Bahasa Malaysia and plain language of its patient leaflet.
  • The Company is continuously identifying new trends and creating new headways in the galenical field. One exciting initiative is to incorporate nanotechnology R&D towards pioneering new and improved galenical products.